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Shop Small, Y'All

This year it has become increasingly important for me to support my local Small Businesses, while Christmas shopping. COVID has thrown many challenges our way, and most of my fellow Small Business Owner friends have found such wonderful ways to think outside the box, and keep their business growing. But, we still need help!

Did you know that many Small Business Owners rely on the success of their business to feed their families and pay their mortgage/rent? Just because it's a "small business" doesn't mean that it's a hobby. Small Businesses are the backbone of our communities, and now is the time to support them!

Because everyone knows that my love for Target and Starbucks is real, this was a challenge for me. I love the option of walking into one store and being able to purchase everything I need and want in one trip. However, Target isn't struggling to pay their rent. If I skip a trip to Target, their bottom line won't be impacted. That's why I've really focused on doing my shopping at businesses in my community, and supporting friends who rely on the success of their Small Business.

Join me on my journey of #24DaysOfShoppingSmall! I will share my favorite hot spots around me to get gifts for *everyone* on my list!

I challenge YOU to do the same! Think outside the box! Look around your community, and I bet you'll find a small business that can offer you just the right gift for that special someone. If you find one, let me know, share the wealth!

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