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But First, Walk Some Hills

Last week I spent some time thinking about those big, huge things I want to do, but am a little bit afraid to do.

Or a lot afraid.

The long list of terrifying things I'd like to do now reside on a page in my journal, not just flying about within the confines of my brain.

Because this is a NEW year, where I vow to do more than just THINK about those things, I decided to take a small step. Those scary things deserve more attention than just a page in a journal that I'll close and never look at again.

They deserve some action.

You see, it's very hard to climb a mountain if you've never climbed a hill.

If you stay on your couch, you can't climb that hill.

So I decided to put a little action into tackling those Scary Things.

I took a few steps.

"Write the Damn Novel."

That item has sat on the Scary List in my head for over 12 Years. Yet, I it's been many years since I've taken the time to write a paragraph. So here I am, stretching out some muscles. Exercising my English skills. I love how therapeutic writing can be. How good it can feel to put together something that makes an audience laugh, or cry. But I also hate writing. It can be so much work, so tedious. And sometimes the audience says it sucks, which hurts.

So while THIS isn't a novel, THIS is practice, it's sampling. I'm not sitting on the couch being afraid anymore.

There's a few other steps I've taken to work towards that hill this week. But many, many more that need to happen as we near the hills, and eventually see the mountain in our approach.

Have you taken any time to think about your dreams, and what fears may be holding you back?

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