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Hey Y'all, thanks so much for stoppin' by.


I am Amanda, the creator of Y'ALL Designs.  I have always enjoyed "playing" with colors and patterns.  As a kid, my Grandma and I would experiment with fabrics, elements from nature, and other textiles.  This ignited creativity and desire to take risks with textures. 


And then, in 2018  I fell in love with leather earrings. The down to earth look, the durability, and the LIGHTWEIGHT nature of them spurred an addiction.  I longed to get back into my textile play, and was seeking an opportunity to be creative.  This is what gave birth to Y'ALL Earrings!  I love that I can create unique, gallery type pieces that are reasonably priced and accessible for all!  Y'ALL Earrings has something to accessorize any look, from formal, to casual. I want you to feel LOVEly everyday, without breaking the bank! 

Y'ALL Earrings are 100% handmade by me: a Once Upon a Time Texan living in NY.  You may notice  nods to Texas in my styles. product names and descriptions.

Because this all started with me just "playing" with colors and designs, you'll notice that MOST of my pieces are very limited in quantity.  When you purchase a Y'ALL piece, you're wearing something special, that isn't mass produced.  I also guarantee my pieces.

I gladly take custom orders for ANYTHING:  special events, groups, and weddings.  Contact me for more information!

If you like random sales, seeing NEW releases first, and giveaways, please make sure to LIKE me on Facebook and Instagram! 

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