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On the Goal to Be Brave

The dawn of 2023 was a wake up call for me. I know a lot of us say that, we start January 1 with a list full of intentions and goals. But I looked ahead, at this blank slate of a year and thought, "It's time to do all of those things you were never quite brave enough to do."

2023 is, after all, another big milestone birthday year for me. Well, at least a half milestone. Those "5" year marks count for something, don't they? I looked ahead to this great year that I turn 45 and realized, "Holy cow, I've been so afraid to take so many risks for so long. Isn't it time to change?"

That being said, it sure is hard to change at midlife. Old dog. New tricks. All of those adages work in this situation. And Being Brave isn't a minor change like giving up wine, it's essentially a personality change.

There are a lot of things I've wanted to do for a very long time. Things I've said I don't have time for. But I really haven't done these things out of fear. Fear of F A I L U R E. As a life long devoted perfectionist, failing is scary. I am a first born daughter after all. We're expected to do right, follow the rules, and succeed. Yet, I am also a woman who has had dreams. Goals. Things I am not sure I want to leave on the back burner anymore.

Fun fact, I'm a behaviorist by degree. Which means I know for someone like me, taking a big risk like....leaving my job to pursue grad school...leaving my job to pursue my business endeavors....probably not going to happen right away. Those are huge risks, with financial and social repercussions, right? A giant leap. Where I can help myself is to set up smaller more calculated risks, where the consequence isn't as high, a stepping stone per se. And so, this is where I am. Evaluating what little steps I can make this month to remind myself that I CAN do new things. Hopefully there will be some minor successes there, which encourage me to take bigger, bolder jumps down the line.

2023 is one big blank slate of opportunity. I can roll around the sun over the next 12 months and find myself right back here in the position wishing I had written my novel, taken the trip, seen the sights. Or, I can fight against the urge for complacency, and dare to be brave.

One stepping stone into my bravery is to write more, and share more. That's why I'll be having WordFull Wednesdays over here. It's a safe place where we can all share our visions, and our dreams. Stepping stone or giant leap...Let the goals begin...

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