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BIG Coffee Flavors, SMALL Business Service

I begin my Shopping Small adventure highlighting two of my favorite creations on earth: Coffee & Coffee Shoppes. Now, as I said on my previous post, I love my Starbucks. A lot. But I also love just a "plain old cup of coffee" every morning, and the ambiance of a small coffee shop where everyone knows your name. That's where today's businesses come into play.

Y’all know I love my red cups, but I bet you didn’t you know that my favorite thing to put in it every morning comes from a small business right here in Avon! Evening Star Coffee makes the most amazing coffees that this snob has ever had! While they feature a variety of flavors, from the basic to the exceptional, Banana Bread is my solid fave. Though Jamaican Me Happy sure does make me happy! Jody roasts this coffee with such love and care, that it really shows in the quality of his product.

Bonus, you can find this brand at several local businesses like Craft ‘N Creations, Geek Chic Floral Boutique, or at my favorite place to visit that brews it right on the spot, Gatherings at the Depot, in Leicester, NY.

At Gatherings, you can enjoy your hot cup of Evening Star Coffee with a delicious home made pastry or hot cup of soup. Vince and Joni feature a variety of food items on their cafe menu. When you're at Gatherings, you're inside of an authentic railroad depot that was painstakingly refurbished. Once you've finished your coffee and treats, head back to the artisan gallery.

You'll be astounded at the beauty that surrounds you! Within the Gatherings gallery you can find everything from photographs to paintings, handmade jewelry, pottery, and knitted items like scarves.

Quick Links:

Evening Star Coffee Roasters.

Gatherings at The Depot

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